Sunday, November 6, 2016

Capitol Building

Oregon State Capitol -- Salem, OR
Canon EOS Rebel T5i, EF 17-40mm f/4L USM, ISO: 100, f/4, 2s
OK, it's not very outdoorsy, sure.  I've been working on night photography.  This was one of my first attempts taken two years ago,  I need to start playing with the ISO a bit to draw the sky out more.

Growing up in Salem, this building is a very familiar sight to me.  I used to think it was an impressive building.  Now, not so much.  Today it seems kind of funky.  San Francisco's City Hall is more impressive as far as government buildings go.  The capitol was completed in 1938 and according to the offical website it's an example of Modernist Art Deco design.  Huh?  It has a flourish here and there I suppose, but calling this an example of Art Deco seems like a stretch to me.  What do I know?

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